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I was in a car accident while driving for work. Now what?

Thousands of workers hit the road as part of their job every day in California. There are numerous professionals whose job consists almost exclusively of driving. Some people drive their own vehicles, while others operate vehicles from a fleet maintained by their employer. From those who operate school buses to those who provide rideshare services or deliver pizzas, many workers are on the road for almost their entire shift.

There are countless other employees who have to run errands or drive to client locations as part of their jobs. A manager at a restaurant might need to drive to the bank to get change or to a supplier to pick up heavy cream when the kitchen runs out unexpectedly. Plumbers and even physical therapists often travel to people’s homes to provide them with services. Sales professionals, those in human resources and countless other workers drive in California as part of their job.

Unfortunately, driving while working is a leading cause of job injury. What happens when employees get hurt in a crash?

Workers’ compensation applies to on-the-job wrecks

The good news for those injured in a collision is that a job-related injury typically helps someone qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Full medical coverage and also disability pay can be an option for those involved in a crash on the job.

Collisions while working are a leading cause of employee fatalities, serious worker injuries and also lost-time incidents. Therefore, neither an employer nor an insurance company should balk at the idea that a crash while working would qualify someone for benefits. Workers typically need to inform an employer as soon as possible about the crash.

Car insurance may also be necessary

If there is a drawback to using workers’ compensation coverage after a car crash on the job, it is that the coverage available likely won’t include property damage benefits. Those who need to repair a vehicle or to buy new tools after a crash may need to pursue an insurance claim against the driver at fault for the collision.

Oftentimes, those who have been hurt on the job and who are in need of compensation will benefit from getting professional help. Learning more about workers’ compensation and asserting their right to benefits may make all the difference for those who have been involved in a crash while working.