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How do workplace injuries happen?

Every workplace has its share of hazards. But do you know the hazards that are specific to your workplace? Understanding potential hazards in your workplace can help you take appropriate steps to mitigate or eliminate them and prevent costly injuries and property damages down the road.

Compensation resulting from workplace-related injuries costs organizations millions of dollars each year. This underpins the importance of putting structures in place to eliminate workplace injuries. With that said, here are three common reasons why workplace accidents, and injuries, happen.

Overexertion and fatigue

Physically demanding tasks become hazardous when they are performed for a long time. Employees who do not take breaks from physically demanding jobs like lifting, pulling, bending, kneeling and pushing are likely to sustain injuries over time. But, it is not only physically demanding jobs that expose workers to the risk of injuries. Simple tasks like lifting files and boxes can cause injuries if proper techniques and safety measures are not put in place.


It is a sad truth that distraction is one of the major causes of workplace-related injuries. If a worker performs the same routine over and over, they are likely to get bored. The result, their judgment is likely to be impaired. A worker who is operating industrial machinery or driving can easily get distracted if they use their phones while working. Consequently, they are likely to cause an accident or sustain an injury courtesy of the machinery they are operating.

Cutting corners

It is not unusual for either the employer or the worker to attempt to cut corners in order to get the job cheaply and faster. However, doing so can expose workers to a wide range of dangers. Pursuing shortcuts in a manner that compromises employee safety is a sure way of exposing them to potential injuries.

The importance of having a safe and employee-friendly workplace cannot be overstated. Find out how you can safeguard your rights if you are hurt while performing your duties at work.