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What is a continuous trauma workers’ compensation claim?

Common traumatic injuries occur because you tried to lift something that proved to be too heavy or because you got struck by a falling piece of equipment. There will be an obvious and unquestionable triggering event that results in a physical injury.

A surprising number of people working in California think that only straightforward job injuries entitle someone to workers’ compensation benefits. However, California’s workers’ compensation insurance program clearly extends protection to those who acquire a medical condition because of their jobs.

In other words, coverage does not just apply to a sudden traumatic injury but also injuries that result from continuous trauma. Workers all over the state may daily add a little bit to their risk of a workplace injury through continuous trauma without realizing it.

Continuous trauma refers to the ongoing strain your job causes your body

Whether you clean hotel rooms for a living, schedule appointments at a doctor’s office or wash dishes, the repetitive tasks at your job can do damage to your body. Your joints, muscles and connective tissues won’t simply absorb the strain of doing the same job repeatedly without any damage.

Instead, you will slowly but constantly contribute to a condition that may eventually stop you from working entirely. Someone who uses their body in a repetitive way all day may not notice problems at first. Even when they do, they may push through their symptoms when they do develop pain or discomfort.

It is often only when the symptoms related to continuous trauma become intolerable that someone seeks medical care. By this point, they will likely have a serious repetitive stress injury that may require physical therapy, weeks of rest or even new job responsibilities if they hope to recover.

Workers’ compensation can cover your care and your rest

You can count on California workers’ compensation insurance for full coverage of your medical expenses relating to your work injury. Additionally, you can potentially receive up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage in disability benefits for as long as you are unable to work due to the injury. Rest is often a key aspect in the treatment of a repetitive stress injury caused by continuous trauma.

Learning about workers’ compensation benefits can help you recover from an injury on the job and get you back to work.