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Many work-related back injuries could be avoided

Have you ever lain awake at night, unable to sleep because of a sore back? If so, you are not alone. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 600,000 workers suffer back injuries in the workplace.

You do not need to work in an industry involving heavy lifting such as construction or landscaping for it to happen to you. There are so many different ways to injure your back. You can do so via a one-off event, or it can occur due to a series of events or movements over time.

The sad thing is, many back injuries should never have happened. Here’s what can prevent them:

  • Proper training: Employers have a responsibility to provide adequate training. If people understand the best ways to do things, it reduces the chance of injuries occurring.
  • Good posture: As a child, your parents probably told you to sit up at the dinner table and stop slouching. If you work in an office, sitting in the same chair day after day can lead to long term back pain. Things like standing desks, correctly aligned screens and ergonomic chairs can help improve your posture.
  • Regular breaks: Injuries often occur when you are mentally or physically tired. When you are under pressure to get something done in time, it can be easy to skip the breaks.
  • Safety precautions: Falls, trips or slips often lead to back injuries. Proper safety equipment and adequate warnings around hazards help to avoid them.
  • Mechanical assistance: Workers routinely perform lifting tasks that could easily be avoided or made more manageable. The use of rollers or pulleys is often all it takes.

Injuring your back at work could leave you with debilitating pain, which affects your ability to earn a living and inhibits your everyday life. An experienced attorney can help ensure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you need.