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California workers’ compensation can cover cumulative injuries

As you may know, workplace injuries often occur suddenly as a result of an unexpected accident. Since sudden injuries link to a specific accident or event, filing for workers’ compensation is usually a simple process.

However, workplace injuries and illnesses can also occur over time, making it hard for injured employees in Northern California to acquire benefits. The first thing you should know is that you have the right to receive workers’ compensation for cumulative injuries or continuous trauma.

Examples of injuries that develop gradually

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome in jobs requiring repetitive motion
  • Tendonitis and rotator cuff trauma
  • Certain injuries to the back, neck or shoulders
  • Joint injuries (elbows, knees, etc.) from repetitive motion jobs

Illnesses that may occur over time

  • Sick building syndrome in office workers
  • Respiratory illnesses from exposure to gases, fumes or vapors
  • Cancers from exposure to asbestos and other particles

Our workers’ compensation attorneys understand the hardships associated with filing a claim for cumulative injuries and illnesses. If you cannot prove that your symptoms occurred because of your work, your claim will likely result in denial. A claim denial means that you cannot acquire medical care coverage nor have any lost wages replaced.

We want you to know that help is available if you are suffering from occupational illnesses or injuries occurring over time. For best results, seek legal guidance when filing your workers’ compensation claim. If you have already filed and received a notice of denial, an attorney can still help. In many cases, your lawyer can help you file a successful appeal, ensuring that you get the benefits you are due. If you would like more information, we invite you to continue browsing our blog and our website.