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What happens when you achieve maximum medical improvement?

When you make a workers’ compensation claim in California, state rules determine what benefits you receive. Immediately after your injury or diagnosis with a work-acquired medical condition, you can count on medical benefits paying for your treatment. You will also potentially qualify for temporary disability benefits if you have restrictions on what work you can do or you can’t work at all during your recovery. 

However, the state will not necessarily authorize indefinite medical care or disability benefits if your condition does not continue to improve. If full recovery isn’t possible, then benefits will likely shrink or end when your condition stops improving. 

Eventually, the physician treating you will determine that you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI). What happens to you and your workers’ compensation claim once the doctor treating you determines you have reached MMI?

The physician writes a special report

Achieving MMI means that your medical condition is permanent and stationary (P&S). Your physician will have to write a P & S report about your treatments, improvements and future medical prognosis. 

This report will include any work restrictions limiting what job functions you can do and may list medical care that you will still need to receive. They will also estimate the percentage of your injury caused by your job. 

After the P&S report, you may receive some medical coverage for qualifying medical care. If the doctor determines that your condition will have a lasting impact on your earning potential, you could also qualify for permanent partial disability benefits. 

Learning more about workers’ compensation in California will make it easier for you to handle a claim.