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What types of burns can workers suffer?

Many workers are at risk of being burned, but not all burns are the same. Burns are classified according to their severity, which is known as the degree, but they’re also classified according to the cause of the burn. The cause is important because not all burns can be treated the same way.

The circumstances of a person’s job determine what types of burn hazards they might be subjected to. Trying to keep hazards to a minimum can reduce the likelihood that a person will suffer from one of these types of burns:

  • Radiation burn: One common cause of this is the sun. Individuals who work outside are at risk of this type of burn, but anyone who’s around radiation or x-rays is also at risk.
  • Thermal burn: This type of burn is caused by touching something hot. This includes liquids, flames and other hot objects.
  • Chemical burn: Solvents, detergents and acids can all cause chemical burns. Typically, these burns have to be cleaned to stop the chemical from continuing to burn the skin.
  • Cold burn: This is commonly known as frostbite. While this commonly happens in cold climates, it’s also possible for people who work in freezers or with dry ice.
  • Electrical burn: Electric currents can burn the skin if they come in to contact with each other.
  • Friction burn: Carpet burn and other burns that are caused by an object rubbing the skin are examples of friction burns. People who work with ropes are commonly subjected to conditions that are favorable for this type of burn.

While it’s possible that a burn that occurs at work will require only basic first aid, some are more serious. These might need treatment from a burn center, and the person might not be able to return to work right away. Anyone who suffers a burn at work may need to file for workers’ compensation. If you do, it’s essential to get the compensation you need and deserve. An experienced attorney can help.