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Five common workplace safety mistakes

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | workplace injuries |

Workers in California, especially those in the construction industry, should know how important it is for their employers to keep the job site free of foreseeable hazards. Below are five all too common mistakes that their employers might make that could lead to a workplace injury.

The first is giving employees the wrong tools for a job. Even when two tools are similar, employees should understand that certain tools are made for certain applications. The second mistake is failing to give employees the right personal protective equipment. Employers should start by performing a PPE assessment and then purchase the right equipment. Employees should be told not to remove PPE, even when the weather makes it uncomfortable.

Many worksites require ladders and scaffolding. The one cannot be substituted for the other, or vice versa; doing that is the third most common mistake. Fall-related injuries are among the most widespread, and in 2015, they led to an alarming 800 fatalities.

Where there are machines, there’s the need for continual inspections. To avoid injuries and production downtime, employers must have machines inspected for pinch points, malfunctions and other potential safety issues. Lastly, employers may wrongly omit to review their safety guidelines on an annual basis. Without this review, employees may forget the various rules and regulations and become negligent.

Employers are not responsible for all injuries that their employees might incur, of course, but regardless of who was at fault in an incident, victims may be able to receive benefits under workers’ compensation law. Filing a workers’ comp claim may be easier in some ways than filing a personal injury claim, but victims may still find that they need legal representation. A lawyer may help them file their claim and any appeals should the employer deny payment.