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Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze

Our Firm’s Legacy

Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze (LTHZ Law) traces its roots back many decades to when Ben Leep and Skip Tescher began practicing law together in Shasta County. After Ben passed away in 1999, Skip continued to run the firm as a sole practitioner.

At last, as Skip approached retirement, he began searching for the right lawyers to take over his practice and keep his faithful staff employed. He chose attorneys Ben Helfman and Brian Zanze – now retired, and entrusted them with the mission of carrying on a long legacy of service to injured workers.

Ben Helfman tells the story: “Skip took us out to lunch in 2011 and said, ‘Ben and Brian, do you know the picture of the quarterback on my desk? The one where his helmet is off and he’s on his knees, blood running down his face? That picture is on my desk to remind me not to stay one season too long.’ Skip continues to be our mentor, frequently visiting our office with his grandchildren and talking law with us.”

Our Legal Team

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In addition to our board-certified workers’ compensation attorney, our legal team consists of six full-time and one part-time staff members. Our staff’s in-depth experience and commitment to clients is one of the reasons our firm is so successful. We work together to accomplish our clients’ goals and make a lasting difference in their lives.

Our Historical Redding Office

Our historical office building was built in the 1890s. It is handicapped accessible and located behind the Shasta County Court House.

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