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What benefits can I get through workers’ compensation?

If you suffer a workplace accident and are injured, you can claim against your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. The same applies if you become ill due to your job or workplace.  

Insurers do not hand out money freely and may try to settle early to minimize what they pay you. Therefore, you need to understand the full range of cover you are entitled to receive to ensure you do not lose out.

Your right to benefits after a workplace injury or illness

Here are the five things that workers’ compensation insurance can cover: 

  1. Medical care: Medical bills can soon mount up. They might not be a short-term cost either, as you may require medical treatment or medicines for years to come.
  2. Temporary disability benefits: Unless your injury or illness is mild, you will need to take time off work to recover before you can safely return to work. The insurance will pay your wages during this time. If you feel your employer or the insurer is pressuring you to return to work before you are ready, seek help to get the paid recovery time you need.
  3. Supplemental job displacement benefits: You might not be able to return to the same job or place of work, yet you may still be able to earn a living in another field of work with the appropriate support and training.
  4. Permanent disability benefits: If you cannot work again, you will need to rely on benefits.
  5. Death benefits: This is not something you can claim, but if you died due to a workplace accident or illness, your family could claim this to make up for the income you provided.

It is hard to predict the long-term outlook after a workplace injury or illness, and you will have to fight to ensure you receive appropriate compensation.