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Is a lawyer necessary for a workers’ compensation claim?

When you suffer an injury on the job, the first thing on your mind after seeking medical attention is obtaining financial compensation to pay for the medical bills and lost wages. You may be in such a hurry to receive the money that you forgo hiring a lawyer out of fear that doing so will make the claim take longer.

However, the opposite is usually true. Not having an attorney help you generally leads to a delay in benefits. The following are even more reasons to hire a lawyer when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Complete the process correctly

It is a fact that anything involving the government is complex and confusing. Although you can find information and paperwork online, there is no substitute for in-person assistance from a legal professional. With the guidance of someone with experience in workers’ compensation claims, you can avoid a denial due to inaccurate or incomplete forms and increase the chances of obtaining maximum benefits.

Fight denied claims and other injustices

Additionally, a lawyer can help you fight the denial of a legitimate claim, along with these other hurdles:

  • Unfair termination of employment after injury
  • Retaliation for filing a claim
  • Lack of employer insurance
  • Insufficient or unpaid compensation
  • Work clearance despite only partial recovery
  • Misclassification of employee status

Even if things so far have gone smoothly, you may still need to speak to an attorney if you anticipate future medical treatments, employment issues or use of government health programs.

Address third-party accidents

What if your employer is not responsible for the accident but a third party is, such as an independent contractor or property owner? You may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit as well. However, this may not be a cost-effective move depending on the severity of your injury and the length of required care. A lawyer can determine what would be the most financially rewarding route to take in your situation.